HR Focused Consulting


We are inspired by the philosophy of M/S Ram Charan and Bill Conaty who said:

If businesses managed their money as carelessly as they manage their people, most would be bankrupt.

Thus, our desire to offer services that avoid the Human Development bankruptcy threatening many organisations in today’s dynamic environment.

Trigger: Shifting paradigms related to organizational loyalty, employment tenure and quantifiable deliverables even in areas that were earlier deemed to be fuzzy on quantification have meant the need for constantly evolving HR processes and newer and higher standards of productivity and performance measurement.

Interestingly, today employees also measure organisations from their perspective of being able to present constantly better and higher goals to achieve.

All these mean the role of HR has assumed centre place today and any organizational strategy is not complete without managing the HR end of the chain.

So, when are such initiatives needed the most by organisations to achieve this leap of faith in people management?

  • During inflexion Points in an Organisation’s Life Cycle
  • During a Merger and/or Acquisition
  • During implementation of specific Change Management initiatives
  • During an attempt at Professionalising the workplace culture and environment
  • During a Business Model Disruption
  • When readying for VUCA times

HR initiatives thus display almost a continuous Work-in-Progress placard and consequently how do organisations benefit from our interventions? We help organisations go as depicted below from where they are to where they want to go

From To
  • Qualitative performance indicators
  • Employees performing a job
  • Perception based Performance Mgt System
  • Fuzzy/unclear organisational and personal objectives
  • Disengaged Employees
  • Reactive organisational reflexes
  • Follow-up mechanism
  • Exclusive culture
  • Quantifiable output based performance
  • Employees performing to their fullest potential
  • Key Indicators based Performance Mgt System
  • Quantifiable Goal Setting approach with aligned organisation and personal goals
  • Engaged Employees
  • Proactive approach
  • Feedback based approach
  • Feeling of inclusiveness among employees

So, why Elixir Communications?

  • We bring in an external unbiased viewpoint
  • We adopt an independent but structured problem identification and problem solving approach
  • We have consultants with unique and specific skill sets to offer holistic solutions
  • We conduct this thru’ an arms length approach to make it a neutral process
  • We facilitate adoption of Industry and Sectoral Best Practices

To help explain better how this approach has translated into successfully completed projects, please read this Case Study