Why Elixir Communications

To help you understand this, please take a small quiz (will take you 20 seconds).

Question 1:

Would you as a business leader hire a welder or electrician in your factory if he were not trained in these vocations?

Question 2:

Would you hire a software engineer if he/she has not been trained on the technology you wish he/she worked on?

Question 3:

What Qualification what would you look for in a person when hiring him/her for the post of a Manager/Potential Leader?

  • Technical Excellence
  • `People’ Management Skills
  • Effective Leadership
  • Inspirational Behaviour
  • All of the above

Surely, your answers to Questions 1 and 2 were `No’; and for Question 3, the most logical answer is only e.)

But what is the reality?

Most, if not all organisations find it difficult to get all these desired qualities in a single individual. Hence, they hire or internally promote managers without equipping them in most cases with the most basic weapons needed to successfully fight modern business warfare!

About Elixir Communications:

Elixir Communications has so far been associated with many leading Indian and Transnational organisations helping in the design and delivery of focused and relevant initiatives.

We draw on the strength of our panel of consultants and trainers who form an invaluable resource pool to offer the best services to our clients. These consultants / trainers have vast and varied experience in diverse sectors that brings maturity and a sense of realism to the advice and programmes offered.

With this view, Elixir Communications has also started a SME Cell to work with fast growing traditional organisations that are largely family owned businesses. These organisations currently face the challenge of professionalising their operations fighting simultaneously the external change that rapid globalisation is forcing on them and the internal battles of rigid mindsets.

We concentrate on improving the strategic and soft skills of business leaders and managers that assume vital importance as any employee goes up the hierarchy.

Result: Ineffective management, Missed deadlines, Cost overruns, Poor Financial Results, Unprofessional management, Unpleasant Organisational / Work Climate and worse!