Most organisations are today grappling with the 4 Ps – People, Potential Performance and Productivity; and the at times intricate and entwined relationship between these 4 factors.

Smoother interplay between these 4 factors distinguishes the successful organisations from the not so successful ones. It is when the interplay within these factors exudes negativity, that it starts impeding progress.

At Elixir Communications, we help untangle these knots and facilitate the path towards faster growth.

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Welcome to Elixir Communications

HR Consulting

Relevant research based and detailed assignments to increase human productivity Tools like Balanced Scorecard, Organisational Culture Surveys, 360 degree based feedback projects
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Blended Learning

With pure play traditional training techniques presenting significant challenges in long term learning retention and delinking from actual performance improvement, the trend now is towards blended learning that picks the best of various intervention techniques like ...
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Focus on Family Managed Businesses (FMB)

Worldwide it is known some of the most efficient businesses surprisingly are actually FMBs. However, the inability to adapt quickly to transformational business winds causes execution and operational hiccoughs...
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